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Doctors of Physical Therapy & Physical Therapy located in Mount PLeasant, SC

In Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Advantage Physical Therapy is the choice physical therapy practice for seniors, young adults, and athletes at any level of play. Physical therapist Jonathan Cancienne, PT, fosters a family-friendly office atmosphere that makes patients feel comfortable and welcome in the office. Using the latest techniques in the field of physical therapy, Jonathan works closely with patients so they can heal optimally and live with minimal discomfort.


The physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy specialize in various forms of manual therapy to treat back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and a number of other ailments. They routinely use strategies like instrument-assisted soft tissue massage (IASTM) and stretching to increase the ranges of motion of injured joints.


Jonathan and the team also use advanced therapies like Gameready® ice compression therapy, ultrasound therapy, and electrical stimulation while rehabilitating various sports injuries and other pain-causing conditions. They routinely work with patients on state-of-the-art fitness equipment to build their strength.


Patients at risk of falls benefit from fall prevention physical therapy, which improves their balance and strength. Through fall prevention, patients can maintain their independence and minimize their need for around-the-clock caretakers.


Explore the many physical therapy incentives available at Advantage Physical Therapy. Call the office or schedule a treatment consultation online today.

Advantage Physical Therapy

Address: 537 Long Point Rd, Suite 106, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Fax: 843-388-7149
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